Welcome to RPG Locker! We are a family run website dedicated to selling roleplaying games & materials. Our focus at the moment is on Wizards of the Coast pre-painted miniatures & roleplaying books. We hope to expand our product list as we grow. In the meantime, if you would like to request a specific gaming item that we don't carry, we have many sources and would be happy to get it for you upon request.

We are avid gamers that have been playing D&D on a regular basis for many years. We try to offer the best prices we can to help give fellow gamers the best gaming experience they can get.

I am also a collector of RPG & miniatures material and I use it for my own D&D games. I have been trading online for several years under the usernames Oryan77 and Cyriss.

If you are interested in trading items for things I have listed for sale on RPG Locker.com, please email me at oryan@rpglocker.com with an offer. My wish list can be found here: Wishlist

I am also always on the lookout to buy D&D miniature collections if you have anything for sale. I am also willing to give store credit for miniature lots. Be aware though, any trade from my side that we agree upon will not ship until I have received your end. Sorry, but no exceptions. I run an honest business & I have had dishonest people not send me their end when I gave them my trust and shipped my end of the deal.

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Thanks for looking!


I have added the Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures and Deep Cuts miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Iconic Heroes Set 4, Iconic Heroes Set 5, and Iconic Heroes Set 6 miniatures up for sale. I have had these in stock for some time and just realized that I never listed them up for sale! Oops!

I have added the Monster Menagerie 2 miniatures up for sale.

I have restocked the Monster Menagerie 1 miniatures which are now up for sale.

I have restocked the Rage of Demons miniatures which are now up for sale.

I have added the Deadly Foes miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Rusty Dragon Inn miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Storm King's Thunder miniatures up for sale.