Welcome to RPG Locker! We are a family run website dedicated to selling roleplaying games & materials. Our focus at the moment is on Wizards of the Coast pre-painted miniatures & roleplaying books. We hope to expand our product list as we grow. In the meantime, if you would like to request a specific gaming item that we don't carry, we have many sources and would be happy to get it for you upon request.

We are avid gamers that have been playing D&D on a regular basis for many years. We try to offer the best prices we can to help give fellow gamers the best gaming experience they can get.

I am also a collector of RPG & miniatures material and I use it for my own D&D games. I have been trading online for several years under the usernames Oryan77 and Cyriss.

If you are interested in trading items for things I have listed for sale on RPG Locker.com, please email me at oryan@rpglocker.com with an offer. My wish list can be found here: Wishlist

I am also always on the lookout to buy D&D miniature collections if you have anything for sale. I am also willing to give store credit for miniature lots. Be aware though, any trade from my side that we agree upon will not ship until I have received your end. Sorry, but no exceptions. I run an honest business & I have had dishonest people not send me their end when I gave them my trust and shipped my end of the deal.

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I have added D&D Classic Creatures, Pathfinder Iconic Heroes Set 8, and some Assault of the Giants loose parts up for sale.

Hello, I just wanted to mention some good news. I believe I have managed to acquire more affordable packing supplies that will allow me to better protect shipments. I hope this will allow me to pack in bigger boxes and provide an extra layer of cushioning when needed without needing to raise shipping prices.

I am also now providing customers who pay for shipping insurance with even more padding within a bigger than normal box. Select Insurance during checkout if you think even more protection is necessary for your order. The package will also be insured for shipping problems as normal, but USPS only covers for delivery issues due to their mishandling. USPS does not cover property damage.

Please keep in mind though that extra padding does not necessarily mean it will keep WizKids brand D&D and Pathfinder miniatures from breaking or popping off of bases. This has more to do with their use of weak glue and brittle plastic than it does with how well a miniature is packed in a box. I get many broken miniatures straight from the original booster boxes which were packed lightly, bagged in individual bubble baggies, encased in a plastic blister pack, inside a cardboard booster box, and then packed inside a large box with the rest of the boosters. I give WizKids the evil eye every time I open new cases of miniatures because I'm wondering how many are going to be broken this time.

I do my best to pack everything well so they don't shift around or get crushed. I'm a small business and trying to do my best, but as the saying goes, "Good, cheap, fast...you can pick two."

I have added Nolzurs Marvelous Minis, Deep Cuts, Iconic Heroes Set 7, and Heroclix: Undead miniatures up for sale. I have also added Agricola Minis which are exactly the same size as D&D/PF miniatures and work great for commoners!

I have added the Maze of Death miniatures up for sale.

I have restocked the Elemental Evils miniatures which are now up for sale.

I have added the Tomb of Annihilation miniatures up for sale.

I have added Reaper Bones 3 miniatures up for sale. The product images are mostly straight from the Kickstarter page and a lot of them are concept art examples. I am working on getting more appropriate images up soon, but for the most part they represent what the miniature looks like.

I have added miniatures to every D&D set from Harbinger - Lords of Madness. I have also added PHB Miniatures Heroes 1 and PHB Miniatures Heroes 2 along with some DDM Icons/Scenarios and DDM Promo miniatures.

I have added some The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies miniatures up for sale.

I have added some Icons of the Realms Epic Starter miniatures up for sale.

I have restocked Lost Coast miniatures. I have also listed Lord of the Rings miniatures up for sale.

I have added some World of Warcraft miniatures up for sale.

I have restocked Tyranny of Dragons miniatures. I have also listed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, LotR: The Two Towers, and LotR: Return of the King miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Crown of Fangs miniatures up for sale.

I have been getting into collecting other plastic miniatures and rebasing them on D&D size bases. I thought others might be interested in doing the same so I have created a new category called Alternative Minis. I will be listing plastic miniatures from other games here that I have used myself as rebased D&D miniatures. Be sure to check out the Proxies section for some great animal and vermin creatures that I find work great as miniatures. Sizes for "alternative" minis will vary and may not be exactly the same scale as D&D miniatures, but they are close.

I also sell Blank Bases for anyone interested in rebasing minis. I also provided the bases I removed from other miniature lines in case they are of any use to people.

I have added Mage Knight: Resurrection, Heroclix: Guardians of the Galaxy 1, LotR: Fellowship of the Rings, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey miniatures up for sale along with a mix of other random miniatures in various Mage Knight and Heroclix sets. I am in the process of disabling categories that do not have any products in them to make it more convenient for customers to browse. I should have this sorted out by the weekend.

I have added the Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures and Deep Cuts miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Iconic Heroes Set 4, Iconic Heroes Set 5, and Iconic Heroes Set 6 miniatures up for sale. I have had these in stock for some time and just realized that I never listed them up for sale! Oops!

I have added the Monster Menagerie 2 miniatures up for sale.

I have restocked the Monster Menagerie 1 miniatures which are now up for sale.

I have restocked the Rage of Demons miniatures which are now up for sale.

I have added the Deadly Foes miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Rusty Dragon Inn miniatures up for sale.

I have added the Storm King's Thunder miniatures up for sale.