Sell to Us

I am unfortunately unable to purchase or trade for any private collections at the moment. I hope to continue doing so again in the near future. Thank you.

Interested in selling some of your items to us? Follow the instructions below.

Are you interested in selling some of your items to us? We can give you cash or store credit. Please download the Excel spreadsheet (in Zip format), fill it out, and email it back to us at It’s that simple! We will respond back via email as soon as possible.

Do not send miniatures with personal stickers/labels attached, custom painted miniatures, broken miniatures, homemade printed cards, or cards with writing on them. I may accept broken miniatures for 25% of the value listed on the spreadsheet but you must identify the condition of the figure. Please do not send miniatures covered in dust. If I receive dusty miniatures, I will deduct 20% off of the value for the entire collection to cover the time I need to spend washing them.

Please make sure you pack your box well enough that nothing arrives broken. Anything that arrives broken or altered will be revalued at 25% of the agreed upon price.

Payment is sent once items have been received and inventoried.

Filling out this sheet will help speed up the process on our end so that we can respond much sooner. Choosing not to use the sheet can greatly delay our response time. I tried to make the sheet as user friendly as possible, but please let us know if there are issues using it.

Thank you!